Media Matters Boasts of Censorship, Plan to Destroy President Trump

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Freedom of Speech? David Brock’s never heard of it. Neither has George Soros, or Hillary Clinton. They all agree that critics of the failed Globalist agenda MUST BE SILENCED in order for it to succeed. This post is proof in Media Matters own private and confidential publication.

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Wake up, sheeple. The media exists to corrupt your critical thinking processes, not foster them. They will not stop until you agree that your work is not your own, your money is not your own, your children are not your own, and your thoughts are not your own. Don’t believe? Read 1984.

Alleged Pedophile and “Walnut Sauce” Connoisseur Crafts CIA Propaganda Drivel

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These are the only 11 facts that matter in this story: 1) Jeff Bezos purchased the Washington Post for $250 million. 2) The Washington Post received $600 million from the CIA to perform cloud computing services. 3) The Obama administration repealled the 1948 Smith-Mundt Act in 2012, allowing the US Government to push propaganda onto the American people. 4) Donald Trump won the election. 6) John Podesta and Robbie Mook concocted the Russian collusion narrative the night Hillary lost the election. 7) The Washington Post hires John Podesta as a “columnist.” 9) Fake News phenomenon skyrockets. 10) The American people don’t want to be propagandized in the same manner Joseph Goebbels perfected for Nazi Germany. 11) Everything John Podesta writes is a lie.

House Dems Go Full Retard

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Anyone who has eyes can see violence stemming from both sides, just as President Trump stated, factually. Antifa Left-Wing Communist Fascists vs. a handful of Neo-Nazis, both funded by George Soros. Other non radicals were there, but these groups were ignored by MSM. Trump urges unification against hate. MSM pretends he said nothing of sort, utilizing gaslighting tactics en masse.