Greenwald Voice of Reason on Fake News’ Russia Narrative

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Eleven months after the election (also, coincidentally eleven months after Hillary, Podesta, and Mook screamed ‘Russia did it!’), there has still not been one shred of evidence produced that is true, or factual. Yet, the MSM try so hard to make Americans believe in something they KNOW can never become a reality.

You know, like when We are told that Lee Harvey Oswald, and ONLY LEE HARVEY OSWALD AND NOBODY ELSE, shot and killed John F. Kennedy?

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NYT Claims Facebook has 3,000 Russia-Linked Ads for Congress in Fake News Piece

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The election was November 8, 2016. In ten-and-a-half months, not one shred of evidence linking President Donald John Trump to the Russian Government’s alleged election meddling has emerged, but wait! Facebook now wants to come to the rescue of the failing Democratic Party and it’s attempted coup d’etat.

So, let’s get this straight. Facebook accepted a media buy from the Russian Government to run ads to persuade American citizens to vote for Trump against Hillary, and those 3,000 ads were so effective that 61 million Americans became Russian agents when they cast their vote for Donald Trump? And, in order to correct this malfeasance, we should impeach Trump and every Republican who won on November 8 and hold a new election? I don’t think so. The mental gymnastics already have me exhausted on this charade.

First of all, if there were 3,000 ads (which there weren’t) placed by the Russian government, then Facebook is the guilty party for accepting and running them, no? Second, we all know that Facebook hosts hundreds of ads and profiles of nefarious ne’er-do-wells

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Third, where was this forthrightness ten months ago? Nowhere, that’s where, because there were no ads from Russia. You know it. I know it. President Trump knows it, and Zuckerberg certainly knows it. If they produce anything at all in the way of ads, it will be because they made them up over the last ten months, out of thin air, to support the Russian lie that Podesta and Mook made up, also out of thin air, on election night.

Morgan Freeman in Worst Performance by an Actor to Incite War… Ever

It’s an unlisted video on youtube… with no comments allowed. As usual, the CIA shadow government wants you to get behind their Military Industrial Complex to wage war on a majority Christian nation who is absolutely no threat to the USA.

What’s that? But but but…. the media tells us they hacked the election? Ridiculous. They’ve been saying so, for a year now, with absolutely zero evidence. At the same time, actual criminal politicians who took money from foreign governments are signing books of excuses in toilet paper aisles.

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Propaganda BS Artist Digs Deeper Hole for #FakeNews Network

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Birth of a Retraction: How Stelter’s Bosses Order Him to ‘Just Make Shit Up’ on Job

An incendiary idea is telling the truth. In fact, it’s a revolutionary act in a world of deceit. Shhhhhhh. Don’t tell Brian Stelter though, because he’s playing for “the winning team.” He gets paid to peddle conspiracy theories as fact, and vice versa. He’d be good at it, if he didn’t sound like a little girl trapped inside George Costanza’s body.

Here’s what Stelter misses every time he talks stupidly about the Russia conspiracy theory: He’s full of crap, and nobody believes him. Hell, nobody’s even watching, but he’s still talking – pretending as if something is going on – talking to himself and his 5 friends on air. Time to hang it up, George.

Trump Right Again: Obama Wiretapped Campaign

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CNN does it again. Nobody breaks #FakeNews faster, with less accuracy, than CNN.

This “exclusive” pretends Manafort has been under criminal surveillance by the FBI since 2014, which is false. Same with Carter Page – another lie. It pretends there was actual justification for them to be surveilled, when there was zero. The ONLY basis EVER presented for a FISA warrant was the thoroughly debunked peegate memo.

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“Sources” are bullshit, because there are none. CNN doesn’t have any who will go on record, because the record is straight up FRAUD. Accusations are meaningless, because there is no evidence. Nothing but innuendo, while the criminals pretend THEY are the ones who are going to be doing the prosecuting. Hello, Jeff Sessions?! What is it you are doing? We all know who the criminals are, because we read their scheming in their own words in their own emails that they gave up with their own #password.

Now arrest them, for God’s sake.

Politico Seeks Citizens’ Cooperation in Stealing Taxpayer Money for Ongoing Witch Hunt Scandal

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“These people said investigators are trying to get ‘into Manafort’s head.'”

To what end? There is not an iota of Russian collusion evidence after nine continuous months of Federal harassment. This raid was not intended to produce evidence. It was intended to produce talking points and optics. The President still won the election, Americans still voted for him, and the Deep State still cannot accept it. At the same time, there is plenty of evidence to proceed with criminal indictments against Hillary Clinton. We see what you’re doing. We will not let it slide.