Clinton Continues Callous Cavalcade of Corrosive Crap

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It’s another September 11, and you know what that means, kids? That’s right! It’s another episode of How Dumb Does Hillary Think We Are?

In case you are still glued to #FakeNews, Donald Trump won the popular vote – if you take out the illegal votes cast by non-citizens, felons, and dead people, all of which are not qualified to vote in US elections.

Journalist Who Exposed OPEC Scandal Found Dead 3 1/2 Years Later


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WJS article here.

From the LA Times:

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Questions still remain. What was the cause of death (he had to be identified by dental records)? Bird vanished on Jan. 11, 2014, after he went for a walk near his home in Long Hill Township, N.J. He was found eleven miles from his home, in the woods, where they searched, repeatedly. If the FBI was involved early on, why wasn’t his body found when they searched the woods three years ago? He was wearing a red jacket.

An article from Wall Street on Parade by Pam Martens from his disappearance in 2014 reveals:

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Was his disappearance related to his coverage of an OPEC scandal?

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Two days before he disappeared:

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So, it appears Bird was reporting on – from public statements, that the USA was putting out record levels of crude. Concurrently, demand was at an all-time low. Prices should have been low as well, but they weren’t. Instead, they were artificially kept high, which is massive fraud. Was Comey’s FBI complicit in Bird’s murder cover-up?