Michael Moore is Clueless on Brexit and America

“We got the most votes,” he says, while the most “liberal” states are fighting the President’s election commission on voter fraud.

He thinks the electoral college is in place to benefit the slave states. Today. In America. I don’t recall hearing that one during the 2016 Presidential Election. He also believes this race-baiting rhetoric is good for the Democratic hopefuls in 2018. He failed to mention, however,  how he believes Russia managed to trick those slaves in “the rust belt” to cast a vote for their master – let alone how it came to be how he believes that slave states even exist (literally or metaphorically) in 21st-century America.

“The majority of Americans according to every poll are very liberal on the issues,” he says. What polls? The same ones that said Donald Trump had zero chance of winning the presidency? And what issues? Healthcare? Taxes? Illegal immigration? Political Correctness?  Bollocks.

“So…enjoy your miserable life on your…island,” he says– as if what makes living in Great Britain so intolerable is not being ruled by UN-ELECTED bureaucrats in Belgium.

Moore equates intellectual superiority with submission by the populace at large. He believes that being free to decide your own laws in the society in which you live is not being part of the greater whole. He says, “You’re still part of Europe, but uhhhh, maybe enough people there just don’t want to be…part of it.”

What?! That’s not what Brexit was about. It was about rule, not society. Was Europe not an entity until the EU? Hardly. Were more problems created in British society because of bureaucratic nonsensical political interference? An arguable certainty.

The reason Brexit happened is because the people are hip to Rule by Secrecy, and they are over it. The fight is on, and it’s baffling how Moore continues to pretend he’s on the side of virtue whilst shilling for the Globalist Elite. A snapshot of Moore’s filmmaking career reveals the gross and corrosive nature of political corruption. Once upon a time he talked out against the very people he now shills for.

“So…enjoy your miserable life on your…island.”