CBS VP Shows True Colors, Gets Fired

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This is not an “atypical” situation. Most media executives feel this exact same way. They are becoming more brazen, because they really really really want to get a civil war going… in America.

Truth Leaking Out – Facebook to Blame for Fake News

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Full story here.

Unfortunately, the article says 78% of Americans want Facebook to censor content it deems as fake news. So, what is the definition of “fake news”? It certainly is NOT what Facebook says it is, which is anything that goes against what the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC pushes on us as real and true.

While the poll is correct in pointing out that Facebook pushes fake news, the story makes it seems like we Americans are advocating that Zuckerberg and minions be the authority on what speech is acceptable in a public forum. This is dangerous, and frankly, the reason the nation is so deeply divided. Real public discourse is not allowed. Those with an opposing viewpoint to SJW political correctness are constantly shouted down as Nazis and racists in order to justify violence to free speech and thought. Facebook is complicit in this, and, in fact, promotes it to extreme levels – banning thought that could be construed as leaning conservative while allowing Communist and Terrorist activities to flourish… especially if it damages the notion of “America” as a whole. Let that sink in.

Facebook, Twitter, Google Continue to Help Spread Radical Islamic Terror

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Make no mistake about it. These social media “giants” are complicit in aiding radical Islamic terror. They cannot, will not, stop it – because they, like many tolerant law-abiding Westerners, believe wholeheartedly that there is no radical Islamic terror problem. They think the problem is Conservatives, Christians, white people, and family values.

They want you to think of all white Americans as “white supremacists,” deplorables who cannot be allowed to speak. They want you to call them Nazis, and engage them with violence, not an exchange of ideas and speech. We must demand their regulation, and break up their monopolistic holds on society norms.