Tonight: Packers Lose Fan Base

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Jay Busbee at Yahoo sports writes, “Because you’re always welcome back in the NFL as a fan. Every team has a fresh, unburned replacement jersey just waiting for you.” Wrong. The NFL is committing suicide, right before our eyes.

Also from Busbee, an NFL apologist, “It’s impossible to know whether there’s any significant number of fans torching their jerseys, or whether the ones filming themselves orating over the flames are the outliers.” Wrong again.

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German Migrant Crimewave Map

Or… multi-cultural acceptance seminar performances. Either way, it’s just “part and parcel” of living in a country with people who want to kill you and rape your wives and daughters.

Pretty cool, right Hillary?

Life Goals… Updated.

One of these two got what WE wanted. The other one is signing her shitty Book of Excuses next to the toilet paper aisle of a wholesaler. Time to make her President of Cell Block C.