Media Matters Boasts of Censorship, Plan to Destroy President Trump

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Freedom of Speech? David Brock’s never heard of it. Neither has George Soros, or Hillary Clinton. They all agree that critics of the failed Globalist agenda MUST BE SILENCED in order for it to succeed. This post is proof in Media Matters own private and confidential publication.

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Wake up, sheeple. The media exists to corrupt your critical thinking processes, not foster them. They will not stop until you agree that your work is not your own, your money is not your own, your children are not your own, and your thoughts are not your own. Don’t believe? Read 1984.

Facebook, Twitter, Google Continue to Help Spread Radical Islamic Terror

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Make no mistake about it. These social media “giants” are complicit in aiding radical Islamic terror. They cannot, will not, stop it – because they, like many tolerant law-abiding Westerners, believe wholeheartedly that there is no radical Islamic terror problem. They think the problem is Conservatives, Christians, white people, and family values.

They want you to think of all white Americans as “white supremacists,” deplorables who cannot be allowed to speak. They want you to call them Nazis, and engage them with violence, not an exchange of ideas and speech. We must demand their regulation, and break up their monopolistic holds on society norms.


Morgan Freeman in Worst Performance by an Actor to Incite War… Ever

It’s an unlisted video on youtube… with no comments allowed. As usual, the CIA shadow government wants you to get behind their Military Industrial Complex to wage war on a majority Christian nation who is absolutely no threat to the USA.

What’s that? But but but…. the media tells us they hacked the election? Ridiculous. They’ve been saying so, for a year now, with absolutely zero evidence. At the same time, actual criminal politicians who took money from foreign governments are signing books of excuses in toilet paper aisles.

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German Migrant Crimewave Map

Or… multi-cultural acceptance seminar performances. Either way, it’s just “part and parcel” of living in a country with people who want to kill you and rape your wives and daughters.

Pretty cool, right Hillary?